Areas of specialisation

The firm offers legal services in the following specialist fields:

  • Civil law

    Civil law is currently going through a period of major transformation following the introduction of the new Civil Code in 2014. The amended Civil Code introduced a number of conceptual changes and institutions. In applying the new Civil Code, our attorneys draw on the profound knowledge and extensive experience accumulated in their application of the original Civil and Commercial Codes. Our competence in the new Civil Code is attested, among other things, by the many workshops and courses we have organised for our clients and for the public at large.

    One of our key specialisations is legal consulting during the negotiation, drafting and reviewing of B2B and business/consumer contracts, including general terms and conditions and contractual templates. We also specialise in easements and encumbrances and consult in family law.

  • Corporate law

    Together with mergers and acquisitions, corporate law is our firm’s main specialisation. Our clients enjoy a comprehensive end-to-end service, beginning at start-up and continuing through all corporate operations.

    We take care of all the legal aspects of corporate operations, such as the organisation of general meetings, preparing documents for the discharge of the duties and decisions of governing bodies, compliance with Commercial Register requirements, execution of resolutions of the general meeting and other governing bodies, as well as any other statutory compliance requirements. We have extensive experience in corporate governance, including the structuring of holdings.

  • Mergers and acquisitions

    Our firm specialises is supporting our clients in their corporate transformation and restructuring projects. We have extensive experience in mergers, acquisitions and the sale of companies and enterprises (including abroad), spin-offs (including demergers), changes in legal form and winding up through liquidation. We prepare full transactional documentation and we also perform due diligence.

    Our firm has worked on a number of major business transactions, in particular in the energy and defence sectors. Our mergers and acquisitions specialists have also been involved in a number of international deals.

  • Banking Law

    We offer consulting to banks and financial service providers in all relevant legal matters.

    Our lawyers’ multilingual proficiency and our longstanding relationships with leading international firms put us in an excellent position to apply European banking law to the Czech market.

  • Intellectual property law

    We specialise mainly in copyright law, trademarks, know-how protection and other intellectual property rights. For our clients we prepare contracts, SW development and re-sale licences and we register trademarks and handle disputes involving violations of intellectual property rights.

  • ICT (information and communication technology) law

    It is crucial for our corporate clients to receive legal support throughout purchases of end-to-end SW solutions, applications and HW and during IT/ICT outsourcing. Our firm provides legal advice both to the providers and buyers of services and solutions. Our team has extensive experience with SW development and implementation contracts, HW/SW purchases, maintenance contracts and rights and licence terms.

    We also have insight into information society services and ISP issues, having worked on a number of internet and e-commerce projects and we are well versed in privacy protection including promotions and commercial messaging.

    ICT law is a niche field. We draft terms and conditions and user agreements for telco operators; we often consult regarding the complex, structured relationships involved in the construction and operation of network infrastructures, including easements for utility networks and relationships with the owners of affected properties.

  • Public procurement

    The law governing public procurement is a specialist field in which public law impacts upon the otherwise private law process of contract execution. Our firm benefits from a team of lawyers with public sector experience and a history of providing legal services to the public sector, including government. These specialists have been involved in drafting the terms of reference and tender documentation for a number of major public contracts, committees and contracting authorities’ decisions, plus handling protests and representing contracting authorities in proceedings before the Office for the Protection of Economic Competition, the market regulator.

    In addition to public sector clients we also serve businesses and consortia which bid in tenders as prospective suppliers. We analyse the terms of reference and qualification criteria and assist our clients with the preparation of bids and related documentation, such as sub-contracting and consortia agreements, and we seek legal redress for perceived irregularities in the actions of the contracting authority.

  • Compliance

    Owing to increasing demands on corporate governance, legal counselling regarding compliance has grown in importance. The Act on Corporate Criminal Liability in particular has caused the issue of the unlawful conduct of employees to come to the forefront, as corporations may in some cases be liable. Not only corporations but also medium-sized businesses have now taken to adopting compliance programmes.

    Our clients benefit from our practical experience of compliance auditing which serves the purpose of aligning corporate and business processes with the statute, standards and regulations of the sector in question. The preparation and implementation of a compliance programme always follows specific risk analysis.

    Through the proper implementation of internal controls, regular audits of existing compliance programmes and employee and management training we help our clients mitigate the risk of considerable sanctions for the violation of regulations.

  • Employment law

    Our team of experienced lawyers has a long, successful history in employment and social security law. We specialise in the drafting of contractual documentation, such as employment contracts, work contracts and collective agreements. We also draw upon our wide-ranging experience in the preparation of employment and payroll rules, codes of conduct and other internal rules and regulations.

    We also specialise in providing legal assistance regarding the commencement, duration and termination of employment law relationships, including large-scale lay-offs. We regularly advise our clients on protecting themselves against competitive conduct by employees and regarding know-how protection. Representing our clients in employment law litigation and administrative proceedings is a routine element of our work.

    Beyond the scope of regular employment law matters, we also take on cases involving the employment of foreign nationals and the secondment of Czech employees abroad.

  • Criminal law

    We provide any legal assistance our clients may need in matters of financial and property crime. In reviewing commercial transactions, we always focus on preventive measures.

    We are ready to assist, for example, in giving official witness statements, statements and evidence, in criminal prosecutions and in drafting criminal complaints. We also help the victims of crime achieve satisfactory recompense.

    Regarding the introduction of corporate criminal liability, we often receive requests from corporate clients to take measures to protect them from any criminal liability for the actions of their employees and statutory executives.

  • Dispute resolution and arbitration

    Our attorneys have wide-ranging experience in providing legal advice and representation in civil and administrative proceedings. Our clients benefit from comprehensive legal services in the early stages of dispute resolution when we prepare, in particular, a tactical plan and analyse the key legal aspects of proceedings, as well as in the actual court or arbitration proceedings, or in dealing with other authorities.

    In civil law and commercial law cases we make a special effort to negotiate with the counterparty in order to find the most effective solution, either with respect to time or cost. Clients often appreciate our assistance in seeking an amicable resolution. The firm also takes on domestic and international arbitration cases.

    In partnership with foreign law firms, we also represent our clients’ interests in litigation, arbitration and administrative proceedings abroad.

  • Insolvency law, restructuring

    During insolvency proceedings our specialists protect our clients whether they be a debtor or a creditor. Our legal services in this area include, in particular, the representation of our clients in court, including incidence disputes, and in creditor committees. We also assist clients with the sale and purchase of receivables.

    Our experience guarantees the effective protection of our clients’ rights in the first group phase of insolvency proceedings and in the later specific phases – bankruptcy, restructuring and discharge from debt. The firm also has experience of advising in cross-border insolvency cases.

  • Administrative law

    In providing legal services related to our clients’ regular business and operations, our firm also handles aspects of administrative law. We represent clients in dealings with the tax authorities, building authorities, real estate registry, road authorities, ministries and other government agencies. We also offer legal services in resultant cases before administrative courts.

    We have broad experience of advising local government regarding administrative law in the discharge of both their own and delegated powers.

    We defend our clients against administrative sanctions; we also advise in cases of competition law, public procurement and financing from public budgets. We also have a long history of legal provision regarding public law in the energy sector.