• Energy sector

    Our firm has gathered broad experience from a number of energy sector projects. We offer end-to-end legal services in the construction and renovation of energy assets in the Czech Republic and abroad. We specialise in renewables, in particular solar, biogas and water. We are also experienced in emission allowance trading.

    Our lawyers are highly specialised in energy sector investment project financing.

    We also represent our clients before the Energy Regulatory Office and provide legal support in licence proceedings.

  • Defence and security industry

    The defence industry is a sector subject to extra government scrutiny; it includes defence manufacturing and domestic and overseas trade in military materials. Our specialists have expertise in transactions involving the sale and acquisition of military technology, arms and ammunition, as well as in foreign trade in military materials subject to licences issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

    Public procurement and tenders for military material constitute a sub-specialisation of their own. We assist our clients with a legal assessment of the terms of reference, risk identification, bid drafting and contract review and provide legal support in negotiations with public sector contracting authorities. We have extensive experience of negotiating terms of cooperation between the manufacturers and suppliers of defence technology, including on an international scale.

  • Information technology and telecommunications

    Information technology is a dynamic industry pervading many fields of law. The reliability of corporate IT systems is one of the keys to success. We advise our clients in the purchase and delivery of IT products and services. Our lawyers provide legal assistance regarding implementation projects, e-commerce, SW development and licences and information society services, including special provisions for dedling with personality of providers.

    Telecommunications is another strictly regulated, idiosyncratic industry. We advise telecommunications operators, in particular in relation to the construction of electronic communication networks, disputes between operators and property owners concerning the installation and operation of telecommunication infrastructure, and the delivery of electronic communication services.

  • Forestry

    We provide legal services to leading forestry operators. Our forestry specialists have a profound understanding of the specifics of the legal and regulatory framework governing logging and forest cultivation, timber production, forest conservation and game-keeping.

    Our forestry clients also benefit from related legal consulting concerning the public procurement of forestry services, including protecting them from rights infringement at the hands of the contracting authorities and representation in dealings with the Office for the Protection of Economic Competition.

  • Banks and financial institutions

    Our legal team has a long history of providing legal services to leading Czech and international banking and financial institutions.

    We routinely draft all the legal documentation for financial products, including hedging instruments. Our specialists provide a comprehensive legal service in all areas of finance, in particular property development, acquisition, restructuring and project finance.

    We represent clients in administrative proceedings before the Czech National Bank; our experience with this specific type of proceeding is extensive. Our team of specialists also advises in cases of financial service provider insolvency.

    The firm also has experience in providing legal counselling regarding financial regulation, investment services and collective investment scheme regulation.

    In the course of our legal practice we regularly consult on venture capital, private equity and the leasing of immovable and other types of assets.

    We also practise consumer law and compliance for banks and other financial service providers, comprehensive work-outs and key dispute resolution in all fields of law.

  • Construction and property development

    We offer comprehensive legal services across real estate and building law. Our legal team specialises in transaction consulting in so-called share deals and asset deals. We arrange for all contractual documentation in all stages of project development, including obtaining all official permissions, in particular contracts for work based on FIDIC and VOB/B, contracts with architects, lease contracts, property management and asset management contracts, etc.

    In addition to standard residential, office and retail development contracts, we are also experienced in providing legal services for landmark projects, such as the development of shopping malls, hypermarkets and hotels.

  • Food and chemical industry

    Our legal team has extensive experience in advising market leaders in the food and chemical sectors.

    We routinely draft comprehensive legal documentation in relation to all aspects of business in the food and chemical sectors, both as part of the conventional private law agenda and the public law regulation of these sectors.